Thursday, July 10, 2008

Information Links

The majority of glaciers around the world are shrinking. The exception is California's Mount Shasta, where glaciers are growing, not in spite of, but because of warmer Pacific temperatures.

The Migration History of Humans: DNA Study Traces Human Origins Across the Continents.

The cost of war. In dollars. The loss of life, property, and livelihood of those involved is a whole different story.

Elite Choice did an interview with Avi Abrams of Dark Roasted Blend.

The miseries of losing one's sense of smell. Most of us never realize how many of life's pleasures are perceived through the nose.

The King Arthur Tour. See the places haunted by the knights of the Round Table, or at least the the people the legends were based on.

A fully functional, fully integrated radio receiver, much smaller than any previous radio, created from a single carbon nanotube. Our future gadgets might all be so small we can lose them with a sneeze.

12 Monuments Dedicated to Amazing Women: From Joan of Arc to the Working Women of Amsterdam. (via Look At This)

Water Found in Moon Matter. This throws the current theories of the moon's origin into question.

10 Richest People of All Time and How They Made Their Fortunes.

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