Monday, July 21, 2008

Blog Whining

My main site is a Miss Cellania, a site currently hosted by Squarespace. They rolled out a new version of their hosting service this morning, and I can't use it. If I type more than one sentence in a post, I can't reach the "save" button. I also cannot paste link in; I have to hand-code them. I also hand-code links here at Blogger, but since it's simple to switch to html and rich text and back again, it's easier. Still, editing a blog should not be this difficult. I have a brand new Mac Mini, the latest browser (FireFox 3), and the newest OS (Leopard).

Anyway, if you came over here to find out why there isn't much new at Miss Cellania, that's why. This all happened right before I went on a road trip, so I didn't have the time to reconfigure everything. I had a few posts ready ahead of the Squarespace launch, but not enough to last til I return. Please check back both here and there for new content beginning on July 28th. Thank you.

Meanwhile, what's your opinion on Wordpress blogs? Would that be a better platform than Blogger? I need a backup in case I have to leave Squarespace, which would be a shame since I've already paid up for a year!


Jonco said...

Miss C,
I was reluctant to leave Blogger, but did so in January and have never looked back. I'm using WordPress as suggested by several people. While not perfect, I really, really like it.
I think your blogging style looks very professional and is always a great read. I think you'd find WordPress a lot more interesting once you got it set up and start using it.
Anyway, keep up the good work and I hope you get your problems fixed soon.

Alex Pendragon said...

I personally have no real problems with blogger, and I purchased my own domain from them to do away with that blogspot thing.

I suppose wordpress is OK, but I am not impressed with their templates.

I just got ahold of iWeb from Apple and it kind of ticks me off how complicated they made it to tailor the templates to your own style.

I suppose there is no one perfect solution for everybody, but I have always been very happy with your blogger blog.

Miss Cellania said...

A little update: The owner of Squarespace has been in constant contact, and has corrected quite a few of the bugs. It looks like I'll be able to keep posting on Squarespace!

Of course, when I return from NYC, I'll go back to regular posting here, too. Thanks for the advice!