Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Fun Links

How to make a Thing in a Jar.

Name of the week. (via b3ta)

Oh no, maybe this one beats it.

Keys To "Doomsday Vault" May Be Locked Inside. (via Fark)

Who Dunnit? by Pascal Campion.

12 Fantastically Funny Farts on Film.

Digg Users Hate Everything; Bury Internet. It's scary how accurate this satirical article really is. Only Digg users will understand.

The dumbest injuries in sports. First, the injury hurts. Then it hurts again every time you have to explain how it happened.

A new ad recreates the set of The Shining in a long eye-popping tracking shot to promote The Stanley Kubrick Season. And they did it well.

Google My Maps is an application you can use for benign or even beautiful purposes. This video shows how it can also succumb to dark forces.

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