Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Miss Cellania's Links

Angels Flight: Up the Down Railroad. Los Angeles' incline railway has had its share of ups and downs over the last century.

How Having Much Older Siblings Shapes You. You may feel like an only child, but you have more adults to lean on.

A Secret History of American River People. In 2014, Wes Modes and friends built a floating house, a #shantyboat made of reclaimed junk, and set off down the river to meet the folks who live and work along the riverbank

The Legend of Ludgar the War Wolf, King of the Trebuchets. When England's King Edward I encircled Scotland's Stirling Castle in 1304, his war machines were terrifying. Bonus: story contains trebuchet videos.

17 Rules That Nobody Talks About, But Everyone Follows. Sometimes it's courtesy, and sometimes it's just dumb human nature. 

10 Easy-to-Grow Plants for First-Time Gardeners.  

Sinclair Martial Arts in Orillia, Ontario, is next door to a cafe, so they embellished their sign to make the amenities of the neighborhood clear.
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Escaping Poverty Requires Almost 20 Years With Nearly Nothing Going Wrong. 

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