Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Tweet of the Day

Yeah, it's from 2014, but it means even more today. To answer the question, a crime is an impeachable offense, and there are plenty of those in play, but incompetence in itself is not crime. However, under the 25th Amendment, a president can be removed from office for incompetence. Neither that action nor impeachment will happen under the Republican congress. (via Uproxx)


Anonymous said...

I must live in an alternative reality. In the world I have been living in, Obama and Hillary have been massacring hundreds of thousands of brown people around the globe for the past 8 years in order to make money for white male Globalist bankers and war profiteers. They even bombed the water project in Libya, which was bringing free water to the people from deep inside the earth. Obama signed NDAA, in which the military can arrest ANY citizen to be detained permanently, tortured, and executed without charges... and they don't even need to tell anyone about it, ever! NDAA signed away sacred Navajo tribal lands over to the mining companies. Obama doubled the national debt, and bailed out Wall Street. Somehow I just don't consider the mainstream media outlets like CNN, who have been cheerleaders for the Wall Street killing machine for 13 years! They all tie into the CFR.. which is the white male Globalist billionaires club. I disliked Trump until he sat down with the leaders of the biggest labor unions in the country and through out TPP which the unions have been fighting for years... or as Teamster President James Hoffa put it: "NAFTA on steroids." What happened to the anti-Globalization movement? The peace movement?? The CFR warmongers paid off Hollywood to “stand down” back in 2001.

Was Trump a male misogynist pig for his comments about groping women in their private area? Perhaps, but if he is then Bernie Sanders must be a lot worse since he is on record for saying that women crave anal rape. How about Hillary Clinton laughing about getting a client off of a rape charge, or attacking the 16 women which her husband raped over the years? Back in Arkansas years ago, a 10 year old girl was run down in a field by a man who caught her, punched her out and committed sodomy rape on her, He was represented by Hillary Clinton, who got him off the hook. Anyone can easily find the audio of her actual words of his admission of guilt to her and her laughter about that case online. Wasn't that worse than Trump's comment as well? How about all of the women who were murdered in Obama and Hillary's useless wars? How about the hundreds of millions of fetus's, which would have become women, who had their heads ripped off by Planned Parenthood all over the globe? Travel ban? How about the medicine ban that CNN cheerleaded for when all medicine was denied entry into Iraq.. directly causing the deaths of over a million people.,. mostly children.

Anonymous said...

Well said.