Friday, December 09, 2016

Miss Cellania's Links

Who Inspired Elvis Presley's Haircut? Eddie Deezen tells the story.

The Top 10 Saturday Night Live Christmas Skits.

Beard Lights for the Ultimate Hipster Christmas.

In Memoriam: Pictures From John Glenn’s Incredible Life. A true American hero.

Real Christmas Trees Or Fake Ones — Which Are Better For The Planet? The answer may surprise you.

The Marx Brothers' Early Career. They were refined in the crucible of live vaudeville shows.

“BRAAAM!”: The Sound that Invaded the Hollywood Soundtrack. Its story is that of the evolution of the movie score.

Airplane Etiquette. Just because your seat reclines doesn't mean that you have the moral right to do it.

7 Great Places with Horrifying Names. Worth going to, if only for the purpose of telling people where you're going.

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