Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Miss Cellania's Links

Fake Food. You can thank William A. Mitchell for developing quite a few modern, um, edibles.

11 Hidden Spots to Enter the Underworld. “The Gates of Hell” are found all over the world.

Three Nobel Prize Winners Who Went Bonkers. Genius is no safeguard against mental illness.

How All 50 State Capitals Got Their Names. 

The Pedents’ Re-volt. From Brian Bilston’s Poetry Laboetry.

Pictures of Donald Trump pulling flags out of his nose. (via Everlasting Blort)

Why a Historian Had to Prove the Holocaust Happened in Court. She did it, without having to subject Auschwitz survivors to another ordeal.

What makes someone a ‘person of color’ or ‘white’ in America? Sometimes the divide is a matter of language or religion instead of ancestry or skin tone.

We can't even pick our favorite of these knockoff Halloween costumes. Manufacturers go to ridiculous lengths to avoid infringement charges.

Gruesome Halloween Party Food and Creepy Halloween Party Food. In case you're throwing the party everyone will be talking about.


Bruce M said...

I see you're getting ready for the return of TWD. lol

Miss Cellania said...

If you are referring to the picture, that's just because it's October. I have more than a month's worth of scary title images, so I have to start early!

But yeah, I'm getting ready for The Walking Dead to return.