Monday, October 31, 2016

Miss Cellania's Links

What Do Zombies Really Eat?

For Halloween every year, Mark Williams and Heidi Loutzenhiser of Portland, Oregon, turn their home into an attraction called The Doll Asylum. See some rather gruesome images of the Doll Asylum here.

The Pseudoscientific History of Ghost Hunting Gadgets. (via Digg)

About Those Witches and Their Broomsticks

35 Awesome Homemade Matching Pet and Owner Couples Costumes

A Definitive Ranking Of The Walking Dead Villains.

 It's Alive! 13 Forgotten Frankenstein Movies. There are plenty to watch besides the classics.

Beyond Halloween: 8 Holidays Spirits Love. Most are for remembering the departed, but some are for fun. 

Where to Stream the Best Horror Movies This Halloween. Because the night is long after trick-or-treat is over.

The Spellbinding Stories of 6 Historic Witches. Back when being odd could get you burned at the stake.


Bruce said...

My, my, my, Miss C.. You look wickedly cute. Nice cleavage it too. :-)

Miss Cellania said...

Thank you, Bruce!