Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Knight Rider 2016

The TV show Knight Rider aired from 1982 to ’86, and was a product of its time. Michael Knight was a cool cop with an even cooler car, chasing the bad guys like a real hero. But that was thirty years ago. Kitt, the amazing car, has updated to a Lamborghini. Kitt would like Michael to update his looks a bit, too. Troy Duffy and Sean Patrick Flanery appear in this updated version by Sam Macaroni. Duffy also co-wrote it. (via Geeks Are Sexy)

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Unknown said...

GAAHHHH!!  KITT (from the original Knight Rider) was an ordinary car — a 1982 Pontiac Trans-Am, something that pretty much any average American driver at that time was used to seeing or could have owned themselves.  What made it "KITT" was the technology that the fictional Knight Industries concealed within that mild-mannered exterior.  With the exception of the back-and-forth red LEDs in the grill it was pretty much indistinguishable from any of the other 52 thousand 1982 Trans-Ams sold that year.

And let's face it ... if you're going to be a shadowy minion on the side of right who is walking the thin edge between justice and vigilantism, you don't need a stand-out, immediately identifiable, one-of-a-kind vehicle like the Batmobile or the Green Hornet's "Black Beauty".  You want to blend into the crowd, and you can't do it in a Lambo.