Monday, October 17, 2016

Magnus Carlsen Playing Chess Hustlers in Washington Square Park

Norwegian grandmaster and world champion Magnus Carlsen was in New York and went to watch the old guys playing chess in the park. One of them beat his manager pretty badly, so Carlsen sat down and proceeded to checkmate in ten moves. The old guys play so many people they don’t look too closely at them, so it was a surprise. But that’s only the beginning of what’s going on in this video. Live Tyler is there, not saying anything until the end. There’s a guy with unbelievable teeth. And a squirrel gives us a priceless photobomb. Just another day in Washington Square Park. (via reddit)


Bill Scheitzach said...

Why is Liv Tyler there, and do you mean to tell me that she's that hard up money-wise that she has to model denim and use a Blackberry?

Miss Cellania said...

What I got from reddit is that she and Carlsen were to do a modeling photoshoot together for a clothing company.