Monday, October 03, 2016

If Antidepressant Commercials Were Honest

Prescription drugs marketed directly to consumers is a weird idea, but it works -for pharmaceutical companies. People who have no idea about medicine ask their doctor for the latest miracle cure they saw on TV. Doctors, who have way too many patients to see already and don’t want to hear you whine, let you try them out, even if a much cheaper and older drug would do just as much for you. This goes double for antidepressants, as so many people feel unhappy. That doesn’t necessarily mean they have depression, since there’s plenty to be unhappy about in everyday life. But a TV ad promising to make you feel better is really tempting.

In another of their series of Honest Ads, Cracked looks at antidepressants that are advertised directly to the public. There are medicines that can help people suffering from depression. But you have to trust a medical professional to determine a diagnosis and treatment. And pharmaceutical salesman are not the professionals to trust. (via Tastefully Offensive

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