Friday, July 05, 2024

Tweet of the Day

Cat food companies have to walk a fine line to make cat food stinky enough to appeal to cats while not making their owners sick. The smellier the better, as long as it's fish or meat. Meanwhile, cats cannot understand how we humans eat those awful plants, or even abide the odor. (Thanks, WTM!)

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WilliamRocket said...

I laughed out loud at that.

Us here, we're all inside because the world is turning to ice outside tonight.
The wood burner is wood burning, had the air con on for a while too.

The three indoor cats are on my bed, which has been moved for winter into the main room, to hell with convention, this is where the heat is !

Of the two outdoor cats, the big tabby is in his box on the deck with the electric blanket. and the calico is in the old defunct freezer on the back deck, tipped on its side with a small door built in, and she also has an electric blanket.

Tried everything to get them to stay in the house, but apart from sauntering through during daylight hours, the calico, Lucy Babushka is her name, is steadfast about being out of the house, and only a few quick pats, thank you very much ... the tabby boy, Cowboy, he never comes in since the anti-flea episode of 2021, but allows pats when I feed him and is all around my legs when I'm cooking on the BBQ.

The three bunnies are in the front rooms, no electric blankets for them as they chew wires too easily, but still, their water bowls had about 12mm of ice on them yesterday morning, so better they come in.

I was sitting by the fire, playing guitar, but being 342 years old my knuckles get a bit arthritic, so I came and sat here instead .... and got to laugh at cats.

Some of the cat food I spend too much money on smells good enough to eat, flavours like Tuna Mornay with Cheese, and Pulled Chicken, although others, like Traditional Jellimeat Classic Loaf has me performing like the above featured cats.