Wednesday, July 10, 2024

How TV Went from Free to Unaffordable

Do you recall the days when once you paid for the TV set and the antenna, you got to watch two or three channels for free? We just got used to going to the kitchen or the bathroom during ad breaks. Another bonus from those days was that everyone watched the same shows, including news, so we could discuss them the next day. Now selecting what to watch involves how much you are willing to pay, and that can be a frightening decision when you don't know what shows are worth it. For about 70 years, the entertainment industry has been working on ways to extract more money from each viewer. Matt Mitchell goes through that process for us decade by decade.


DWVR said...

I don't think about how much it costs because I gave up watching TV back when it was still mostly free. As a result I see the world a whole lot differently than most people around me.

Anonymous said...

A $120 flat screen 32” tv and an RCA digital antenna for $30 gives me 18 channels, including all of the local network affiliated stations. Also lots of movies and old tv series. I rarely watch much more than news so I get what I need.

Anon. C said...

Yep, per previous Anonymous, there are a lot of free channels still available over the air, at least around here. I enjoy the "noir movie" days, a lot of entertaining ones I haven't seen before.