Monday, July 01, 2024

Getting Honest About the Fourth of July

This video contains NSFW language. There is so much documentation about the struggle for the American colonies to separate from British rule, but for some reason we focus on one quip in a letter from John Adams to his wife about celebrating independence with "bonfires and illuminations." This custom quickly settled on fireworks, because if there's anything Americans love, it's blowing things up.

Roger Horton is back to get honest with us about the Fourth of July, which was supposed to be the Second of July. We tend to just ignore that, as we do the fact that many of the things our country was founded on were compromises that made no one happy, but got the document out that started the Revolutionary War. The way we celebrate today has little to do with the actual events that gave us the holiday, but at least we have a good time. Still, be careful out there. 

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Anonymous said...

Got an ad in the mail for a fireworks dealer. Went to their website and the listed their 81 brick & mortar stores from Maine to Florida to Nevada in the order of distance to me... I should say my internet address.
They have 200 wolf pack firecrackers for $4 “loudest available by law”.
Then M-98 - 36 for $10, silver salute - 36 for $10, red snap - 20 for $80.
If the wolf pack are the loudest by law, why do we need the other 3 expensive ones?
I’m sure there’s a difference in the $1 rockets and the $12 rockets...
but a free $30 gift if you spend $250.
Don’t forget the alcohol to add dazzle.