Friday, July 05, 2024

Cat Burglars

Thieving bastards!!
byu/RogueBromeliad infunny

This gray cat knows exactly what he wants and where to find it. He wasn't all that keen in stopping to pay for his sausage, though. You can imagine him showing odd his loot to his friends, and the orange cat doesn't believe him. So for his next caper, he brings his orange buddy along. The bin piled full of sausages triggers an orgy of gastronomy right there on the sales floor. Orange cat, being orange, only has one brain cell and really doesn't know what to do with all that bounty.

While you can't stage a video with cats (they don't take direction well), it's obvious this is not the first time these guys have been in this store. The camera follows them around, and you get the idea that whoever is operating it is enjoying the scene as much as we are. Besides, who puts a bin full of sausages on the floor? Customers are most likely to buy what is at eye level. Which this is, if you are a cat. (via reddit)

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Anonymous said...

Cats, dogs, and children, leading them not into temptation requires considering their eye level.