Monday, February 06, 2023

Miss Cellania's Links

What is the Most Successful Hollywood Movie of All Time? That depends on how you define "successful." (via Kottke)

Poorly Drawn Pets Raise Funds for Shelter.  Many of the pets and drawings are posted as replies underneath this Facebook post, and some of them are honestly pretty good. (via Fark)

A Brief Moment of History: When Napoleon Took on Rabbits. It's a pretty good story, and there's a chance that it might even be true. (via Strange Company)

Can You Recognize Poison Ivy When You See it? Take the test! (via Metafilter)

The Twisted Tale of the Real Mickey Mouse.

Strange life forms create an “alien” ecosystem in an abandoned uranium mine. (via Real Clear Science

In 1946, a Black Pilot Returned to the Cockpit After a Double Amputation. Neal V. Loving, whose memoir will soon be released by Smithsonian Books, built his own planes, ran a flight school and conducted research for the Air Force

15 Historical Firsts in Practical Effects.

Skateboarder Ollies Up 23 Stairs In A Row. This video may make your legs hurt just by watching.

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One might think that a plant so adamant about not being eaten, would at least offer a consistent look to warn off potential diners.