Thursday, February 23, 2023

The Pope's Exorcist

The Pope's Exorcist is a horror film based on the career of Father Gabriele Amorth, the chief exorcist at the Vatican from 1986 to his death in 2016. Amorth claimed to have performed more than 50,000 exorcisms, even after rejecting 98% of the cases referred to him. The movie was adapted from Amorth's two memoirs, An Exorcist Tells His Story and An Exorcist: More Stories. It stars Russell Crowe as Amorth and Franco Nero as the (strangely unidentified) pope. I have never heard of this guy before, and I am more likely to read the books than to see the movie. (via Digg)


Anonymous said...

The Pope: Say ten Hail Marys and go in peace.
The Pope's Exorcist: Do three sets of ten burpees, and go in peace.

Czippy L'Shimpe said...

The "Ridiculous History" podcast did a really good show on him recently. I too, had never heard of him, and it was really interesting - and they were WAY more respectful than I would have been.