Thursday, February 23, 2023

What TikTok Has Done to Internet Videos

Ryan George illustrates a few things that TikTok culture has done to the internet video experience. The platform was set up to make remixing videos easy for people who've never done that before, and they've taken off with it, doing weird stuff that you'd never have predicted. The platform assumes that everyone holds their phone vertically to take videos, which they do and I still don't know why. The robotic voiceovers, the text right over what you want to see, and the out of context music can also be annoying. Also, if you watch videos at the TikTok site, you have to be real careful where your cursor is or a new video will start without notice. Also, they won't embed properly on some other platforms -like this one.

But the kids like it, and TikTok has a couple of things going for it, like that fact that the videos are shorter and way less festooned with ads compared to YouTube. The video is only 3:45; the rest is an ad. (via reddit)

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