Friday, December 09, 2022


Did you know you can put words in someone's mouth by taking words out of someone's mouth? This sort of reminds me of the "unnecessary censorship" videos that used to be so popular. If you censor something, people will always imagine the worst. This comic is from Brad T. Jonas. (via reddit)


Bicycle Bill said...

But you gotta admit that some of the words that the algorithms/AI flag are just ridiculous. For example, you cannot use the correct term for the metal fastener that binds two pieces of wood together (and is NOT a nail or a brad).  So from now on, I'm going to assume that any misspelled word I see in posts on things like Yahoo or social media is an intentional misspelling of a word to try to get around the censorbots.


Anonymous said...

**** Brad T. Jonas!

Anonymous said...

A great example of self-censorship is the Humming Song by Martin Mull; here is a video of it: