Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Year-end Lists 2022: Movies & TV

The 10 Best Movies of 2022

Rolling Stone's 22 Best Movies of 2022.

John Waters' Best Films of 2022.

Barack Obama’s 17 Favorite Movies of 2022.
Vox's 25 best movies of 2022.

Inside Hook's Favorite Movies of 2022.

The Ringer's Top Five Movies of 2022.

Polygon's best movies of 2022. 

The Roger Ebert Site's Ten Best Films of 2022.

Variety's Best Films of 2022.

The most satisfying movies of 2022.

The Mary Sue's 10 Best Superhero Movies and TV Shows of 2022, Ranked.

The A.V. Club's 15 best horror movies of 2022, ranked.

Screen rant's Best Sci-Fi Movies Of 2022.

The Worst Films of 2022.

The 10 Biggest Hollywood Fiascos of 2022.

Incest, cannibalism, violence: 2022 was the year of depravity.

The Biggest Movie Flops of 2022

The Ringer's Best Performances of 2022. This also includes songs.

The Best Animated TV and Movies of 2022.

Polygon's best TV shows of 2022.

Today's 19 best shows of 2022.

Uproxx's Best Television Shows Of 2022.

The Ringer's
Best TV Shows of 2022.

The A.V. Club's
30 best TV shows of 2022.

The Year TV Shows Got So Horny.

The Best International TV Shows of 2022.

io9's Best and Most Memorable TV Moments of 2022.

The A.V. Club's 16 best TV performances of 2022.

The A.V. Club's 15 best TV moments of 2022.

The Year in TV Shows Cancelled or Ending

All good things must come to an end, but if it's your favorite TV show, that might be a little traumatic. IGN runs through a whole bunch of shows that were announced to be ending or cancelled in 2022.

See all the year-end lists here.


newton said...

The The Biggest Movie Flops of 20222 was interesting because the video seems to like most of the movies being discussed. I may have to watch one or two of these movies.

Miss Cellania said...

Oh yeah, there's a big difference between a bad movie and a movie that's just not profitable.