Saturday, December 31, 2022

Year-end Lists 2022: Personal

For me, 2022 was dominated by two big events I haven't shared until now. They illustrate the circle of life.

My mother's health had been going downhill for quite some time, especially after she broke her hip at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. She passed away on March 22 of this year. We saw it coming, and tried to make her last days as comfortable and meaningful as possible. She was 85. It doesn't matter how much you think you are prepared, saying goodbye to Mama will knock you on the floor. I chose not to mention it on the blog because I had a lot to process and couldn't deal with any more than I already had on my plate at the time. She is sorely missed by all who knew her.  

Mom's was a simple but meaningful funeral. Way more people came than I expected, considering her age and COVID. Mom touched a lot of lives over her 60 years in that small town. Her friends in the Red Hat Society showed up in their outrageous purple clothing and big red hats, which gave the funeral director a moment of panic, but we loved it.

Then there was the monumental task of dealing with Mom's estate. She was certainly no hoarder, but even so, her home was filled with furniture and possessions, things my dad left thirty years ago, tons of photographs, and neatly-stashed records going back decades. While my brother's family got some things, the furniture mostly went to my daughters. Their homes, in far-flung states, now both look eerily like Mom's place. A lot of household stuff was donated to Eastern Kentucky flood victims. The photographs and files are an ongoing project. A file of 40-year-old medical or financial records can be shredded, but I have to sift through them first, because I keep finding gems like diplomas or pictures of ancestors in them. The house needed some repairs, and finding workers with the time to tackle them was impossible, so my brother and sister-in-law ended up doing the work. We probably missed the real estate bubble, but that's life.

The other big event of the year happened in October, when Princess gave birth to my grandchild! It's a boy! I was calling him Junior months before the birth, and so far I just keep calling him that. His parents will eventually be quite annoyed. I got to see him on his first day, even though it was a long-ass road trip, which I made several times to make sure Princess was recovering properly. Two months later, this little boy is growing rapidly and hitting all his milestones ahead of time. It's a joy to watch him taking in observations of the world, and to see him practice making sounds and facial expressions and trying out his muscles. The family doesn't want me posting any pictures, and I respect that. Rest assured that he is the most beautiful baby in the world.

My daughters are doing well. Princess, besides having a baby, became a homeowner! Many folks would  call it a "starter home," but with three bedrooms and a fenced-in yard, it will serve the family well for years to come. Except for an intense January session, Gothgrrl has completed her veterinary classes. In February, she will receive the title of "Dr." but still must complete 16 months of clinical practice under supervision before she is licensed. She and her boyfriend plan to marry when he gets his PhD, soon after she gets her DVM. Yes, I'm quite proud of my girls.
Finally, I adopted a new kitten just last month. Her name is Ice Cream Sundae, and I call her Sundae. The name is because she's the colors of vanilla, chocolate, and caramel. She's tiny and has only two gears: rocket mode and asleep. The other cats took some time to come around, but they have accepted her as part of the family. 

How was your 2022?

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Lilylou said...

It is very hard to say goodbye to our Mothers, I agree, no matter what the circumstances. Savor your memories, even the gnarlier ones, the ones every Mom and Daughter have! And to have a new little life (or two, including the kitten)can help a lot!

Thanks for the joy you bring your Miss Cellania fans!

Anonymous said...

Miss Cellania: my condolences; I am sorry to hear about your Mom.

Congratulations on your grandson.

Also, that kitty is cute; congrats on getting her.

Vireya said...

The cycle of life. Condolences on the passing of your mother, and congratulations on the arrival of your grandson! Your children are making their way in the world, so you have done a good job.

My mother also passed away this year, after my father dying in 2021. So I'm looking forward to not having anyone close to me dying in 2023! (I hope, anyway).

Miss Cellania said...

Vireya, may their memories be a blessing.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

A year of farewells and welcomes. Sorry to hear about your Mom. Yes, you are justifiably proud of your daughters. I have no doubt whatsoever that your grandson is the most beautiful baby in the world -- apart from Sundae, I'm sure. Happy New Year!

LongTimeFollower said...

Sending you much love and wishing you and the (growing) family joy in the year to come and for all time.

Johnny Wallflower said...

Condolences and congratulations. It sounds like your family has come through this year quite well. May next year be full of serenity and joy. Grandkids are the best!

Thompson said...

Holding you close, Miss C. I lost both of my parents this year, so know how sharp that wound can be. So glad that you have the new baby and kitty to bring you joy. Thanks for the joy and knowledge that you've brought me over the years!
Here's to a great 2023!

Bicycle Bill said...

The only thing harder than saying the final "goodbye" to your mother is when a mother has to say a final "goodbye" to her son.  My sister has had to do it twice now.

Parents aren't supposed to outlive their offspring.

Bilbo said...

Having lost my own mother years ago, I can share in your loss and admire your fortitude in dealing with it. I hope 2023 is better for you, and that you will continue to publish one of only two blogs I read every single day.

MarkOfIowa said...

I agree 100%, BB. It's so hard- 6 years on 12/28/22 for me.

Miss C, my condolences. It must be so hard to keep up a "public" face while trying to process grief in private. It sounds like you did a wonderful job by your mother, and her memory will live on through your family.

Congratulations on watching your girls turn into adults, with all of the fun that goes along with that (grandkids!) From your reports, once again you hit it out of the park raising wonderful kids.

I wish you peace and prosperity for 2023, Miss C- may God bless you and your family in the coming year.


Patrick said...

My heart for you, Miss C

Jane said...

I'm so sorry for the loss of your Mom. No matter how old you are it's so hard to lose your Mom.
Congratulations on the birth of your first grandchild!! This is the reward for being a parent. Grandparenthood rocks.
And congrats on your new kitteh. So sweet
Happy New Year

gwdMaine said...

Very sorry to read about your mom Miss C, but then very happy to see your family growing and your daughters doing so well. The best to all of you for 2023 and thanks for continuing to make our day, every day, with your blog.

Alena Klaoudatos said...

Happy 2023! So happy for your daughters, I've 'known' them for so many years now. It's great that they're doing so well.

xoxoxoBruce said...

Thank you for giving me my first honest to God laugh out loud when envisioning the funeral director being confronted by the Red Hat Society.

It reminded me of the director at my mothers funeral telling me I must move my truck because I was in a space reserved for immediate family, and watching him backpedal when my brother told him I was the senior member of that group.

Wishing you and the girls... and Junior and Sundae, the best year ever.
Of course Junior will be spoiled because nobody will spank Grandma.

Marco McClean said...

Many more years of and for Miss Cellania, please.

chich said...

Sorry to hear of your loss, congrats on the grandson and new kitty.

2022 was a mixed bag. Our new dog who spent his first 4 years locked in a trailer with 80 others came a long way. Just cowered in the corner when we took him in. Finally at the stage where he will get a harness on and go for walks - as long as the butterflies are not about. He was not prepared for butterflies :) Other wee guy turned 16 and his hearing and eyesight are not what they once were. Still enjoys walks but napping is an artform now. And me? was just happy getting through one cancer and another comes along. At least this one is fairly common and slow unlike the last time. Surgery early Jan and hopefully there will not be a third waiting in the wings. Not a collection/hobby I really want to get into!

Hope the new year is a good one.

Miss Cellania said...

Hoping for the best for you, chich. Please let us know how the surgery goes.

DWVR said...

Condolences for your Mom's passing. It's never easy.

Thank you Miss Cellania for your blog, and especially for the links. They are a vital part of my morning routine.