Monday, December 26, 2022

Year-end Lists 2022: Books

Hey, it's time for the annual look back at the ending year that I do between Christmas and New Year's Day! While some folks are off work and many are out of school, and the rest of us are just goofing off anyway, we can take stock of 2022. I always start with books, because those lists come out in early December and there are plenty of them. Pick an appropriate list, find out what you haven't read already, and make a reading list for 2023.

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Smithsonian Scholars Pick Their Favorite Books of 2022.

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The Book Girls' Guide to the 22 Best Books of 2022.

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The New York Public Library’s Most Checked-Out Books of 2022.

The Most Scathing Book Reviews of 2022.

The Guardian: 2022 in books about Trump and US politics.

Smithsonian's Ten Best History Books of 2022.

Smithsonian's Ten Best Photography Books of 2022.

Smithsonian's Ten Best Science Books of 2022.

Polygon's best science fiction and fantasy books of 2022.

Gizmodo's 14 Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Books of 2022.

Smithsonian's Ten Best Books About Travel of 2022.

Colossal’s Favorite Art Books of 2022. 

Fast Company's best design books of 2022.

Smithsonian's Ten Best Books About Food of 2022.

AARP's 10 of 2022’s Best Cookbooks.

Inside Hook's 10 Best New Cookbooks of 2022.

The New York Times' Best True Crime of 2022.

CrimeReads' Best Crime Novels of the Year: 2022.

Novel Suspects' 10 Best Crime Fiction Books of 2022.

AIR MAIL’s Eight Best Mystery Books of 2022.

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Entertainment Weekly's 10 best romance novels of 2022.

Purdue University College of Education 2022 Best Books for Kids.

East Bay Times' 8 Best Graphic Novels of 2022.

SLJ Book Reviews Editors’ Favorite 2022 Books Covers.

The 103 Best Book Covers of 2022.

See all the year-end lists here.


Anonymous said...

>> The Guardian: 2022 in books about Trump and US politics.

Well that sounds fun.

Anonymous said...

In for Amor Towles new book. Good writer. Name sounds like something that goes over the wet spot.