Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Tweet of the Day

You've heard this song before, here and here. (via Everlasting Blort)


xoxoxoBruce said...

Note they are wearing clean clothes, none of the buildings in the background are blow up or burnt out, and the streets are intact. I admire the attitude but I'm afraid in the cities under siege it might be a little harder to keep that upper lip stiff.
They've done a remarkable job of foiling Putin's plan to grab the capitol and install a puppet government.
It forced him to plan B, the east coast, which is what he really wanted in the first place. The shipping ports, steel production plus all the business/industry that grew up around the shipping and steel. The media says Putin didn't expect the pushback from the world, but he sure as hell won't go home with his tail between his legs, not Mr KGB.

Cribb said...

Sure. Sing for the nazi state together with the herostratically famous Swedish neocon Carl Bildt. Forget the Maidan coup, the Odessa massacre, the Azov battalion, Aidar, Tornado, the ca. 15000 people from Donbass killed by ukronazi troops. Forget the monuments, squares and streets called after WW2 criminals as Bandera, forget discrimination and persecution of minorities, forget a corrupt kleptocracy which has ran the country to the ground, transformed it into the poorest in Euope. Forget its confrontational attitude towards Russia, years with NATO presence, plans of committing genocide in Donbass. Because Ukraine is so nice, so pristine, it has a lovely song! And nazism is pretty woke, as long as it dresses up in yellow and blue. This is something of the most appalling I can remember having seen, a garden variety liberal running a website mostly about cat pictiures and movie padofies suddenly deciding to support the banderists in Kiev without having demonstrated any knowledge about Ukraine's history and politics. It is really beyond pale. But then, so what. At the moment, Russia's armed forces are busily disarming and denazifying, the Azov battalion has had its back broken and many of its members have gone to Bandera, the specoal operation is a success. And the Western liberals have showed their true natyire, they are closet nazis. Sometimes life is good.