Wednesday, April 20, 2022

The Latest in Strandbeests


Theo Jansen has been making his amazing Strandbeest kinetic sculptures for many years, but now they they've taken the next step. Jansen spends the winter designing and testing new ways to make inanimate objects walk, and then takes them out for a spin in the summer. Last summer, Jansen took his latest set of creations called Strandbeest Evolution 2021 out to the beach to see what they would do. Impelled by the wind, many versions of the walking sculptures gracefully trod the sand, and one even took to the sky on gossamer wings! That moment reminds us of the day the Wright Brothers first flew, although the Strandbeest was unpiloted and had to be weighed down to prevent escape. (via Nag on the Lake)

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seafury said...

Geez that guy has a lot of time on his hands