Friday, April 29, 2022

Miss Cellania's Links

Man Who Married Virtual Character Loses Her Hologram.  But his life goes on. (Thanks, WTM!)

Luna the Owl Adopts Two Owlets.

DC Superhero-themed Wedding Bands. Because nothing signifies a serious permanent commitment like comic book superheroes.

It's the Very Republican Duo to the rescue! The latest from Tom the Dancing Bug.

A Ranking of the Actors Who've Played Batman in Film.

Evidence of Earliest Aurora Found in Ancient Chinese Texts.  It dates back to the tenth century BC.

These Adoptees Were Brought to the US as Babies. Now Some Fear They Were Stolen. (via Digg

The Republican blueprint to steal the 2024 election. (via Fark)

Watch this Sea Lion Get a Taste of the High Life.

Comic of the Day: Clean my room, robot! (via Geeks Are Sexy)


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Superhero wedding bands! I hope the bride, groom, or variants thereof, are dressed as those superheroes too -- go big or go home, I say.

gwdMaine said...

Artificial Intelligence is neither artificial
nor intelligent. On the bright side, it can't
replace you if you're not intelligent, but I
suppose one day it will beat natural stupidity.

Happy Friday Miss C.

xoxoxoBruce said...

I agree with GQ, I liked Keaton as Batman.

Luna the owl is not alone, some humans get so desperate they’ll steal a baby, Raising Arizona.

Even National Geographic has fallen to deception with “Evidence of Earliest Aurora”.
It should read, Earliest Recorded Evidence of Aurora, as they were around long before humans.

To the people who came from Cambodia as babies, if you aren’t in someone’s will over there there’s no reason to worry about it. Your family is the people who fed, clothed, and educated you, kissed your booboos, loved, love, will love, you.

Miss Cellania said...

Bruce, you better believe I would worry about my birth mother going through such trauma, even if I were raised by wonderful people.

Happy Friday, gwdMaine!

xoxoxoBruce said...

You're assuming they were all duped and didn't willingly sell the kid, and wouldn't suffer more being reminded 20 or 30 years later. That article was a tearjerker but I find it hard to believe all or even most of the kids adopted from overseas were stolen. But contrary to popular belief, I'm not a mother.

Miss Cellania said...

No, I am assuming that many were duped. In one country. Every country (government/culture) is different, and there are many reasons for a child to be relinquished other than selling one's child willingly or being duped out of a child. Cambodia's corruption problem is well-known in the adoption community.

Lis Riba said...

DC Superhero-themed Wedding Bands.

I honestly thought the article would be about musicians, not jewelry.