Thursday, October 14, 2021

Tweet of the Day

I got my third Pfizer shot this week! And a flu shot. My flu shot arm is much more sore than the covid shot arm.


xoxoxoBruce said...

How did the third shot happen, did you ask your doctor, or is there some distribution point near you?

Miss Cellania said...

You can get a covid shot anywhere. My third one came from Kroger.

As far as being eligible, it turns out that being overweight is enough, or maybe its a combination of being overweight and 63. I had to guess my weight (I don't own scales), and no one questioned it. I think it all comes down to they'd rather give covid shots than not give covid shots.

SandDollarSue said...

My third jab came from Walgreens. I'm over 65, so no questions.

I had the same experience -- at first the flu arm was more painful than the covid arm, then it felt like the covid arm was a bit more painful and the flu arm less, then back to normal.

newton said...

"Unvaccinated: Over 99% of everyone dying from Covid"

Should add that this represents 1,900 deaths a day in the US (as of September), the second leading cause of death, above cancer and car accidents. That's like having 10 full Boeing 737s crash every single day. It is mind boggling.

Bicycle Bill said...

I go in for my second jab of the Pfizer vaccine next Friday.

Why did I select the Pfizer option?   Because Pfizer also developed Viagra.
And I figured that if they could come up with a pill to raise the dead, they should have no trouble creating a vaccine to help the living...