Monday, October 25, 2021

75 Years of Superman

From 2013: DC Comics made an animated retrospective for Superman's 75th anniversary, by Man of Steel director Zach Snyder and animator Bruce Timm. As it is only two minutes long, not every aspect of Superman's comic book career is covered, but you'll recognize many important scenes. His TV and movie careers are touched on lightly as well. In case you don't immediately recognize every scenario, there's a guide at the DC Comics site that explains what's happening every couple of seconds. (via Metafilter)

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Marco McClean said...

Thrilling! Wow!

Also, search for Superman songs. There are some pretty terrific ones. There's one I had a long time ago but can't find now, that's sung to the Superman theme music, that begins, "No longer am I/ Just a man/ I only go by/ SOO-PER-MAN!... (I think that's from a musical play about Superman.)

My favorite is Iron & Wine's cover of /Waiting For Superman/, which isn't really about Superman at all, but who cares?

And my favorite Superman movie, out of all of them, is /Man of Steel/, the one that got such terrible reviews. Kevin Costner plays Pa Kent. Clark, as a boy, has just squeezed a dent in a steel fence-post to keep himself from hitting a bully, and Keven Costner underlines the rightness of this to him: "Son, you're going to change the world. You've gotta decide what kind of man you're going to be."