Thursday, October 14, 2021

A Relationship in 5 Minutes

Autumn Stein and Matthew C. Flynn act out an entire relationship condensed down to five minutes. Granted, it's not a long-term relationship, and you can see why, -in fact it's like watching a train wreck in place: "No, don't say that! You'll be sorry!" It's one of those things that last a year or two on your way to learning about how to make a good thing work. Contains adult subject matter. You might not like the people that are portrayed, but you have to admit that the actors do a good job making them seem real. Let's hope the characters learn something about how not to wreck a relationship! (Thanks, Forest!)

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Bicycle Bill said...

If this is the way modern relationships work — check 'em out online like you're vetting them for a top-secret government clearance instead of just talking and getting to know one another; bumpin' uglies after a first or second date at a restaurant; knowing nothing about their friends or other relationships (and by inference, their families); and living together, complete with 'married couple' issues (like the toothpaste cap) while still playing the field ...  well, let's just say that wasn't the way I was brought up to believe you met, dated, and interacted with someone.

Now granted, I grew up in the days before social media.  I could have played Richie Cunningham or one of 'My Three Sons' without the need for any acting whatsoever, and I still don't believe that this is necessarily a bad thing.

Just wish there were still persons of the female persuasion who feel the same way.