Sunday, September 19, 2021

The Funniest Moments in the History of Star Trek

If this were a list, you could argue about it. Well, some people will argue about it anyway, even though it's a compilation and should just be enjoyed as such. Looper takes a look at the more ridiculous scenes over the different series of the Star Trek Universe. You may think that the setup for each scene is a little long, but if they didn't explain what was happening, we'd either be confused or else the video would be more than an hour long. (via Laughing Squid)


WilliamRocket said...

Shame about the commentary, guess they felt a need to pack it out to a certain amount of time.
I wander the lonely halls of You Tube sometimes, there is a lot of interesting stuff, but when you click on one you get 53 hours of someone talking about how they are going to show you all about the interesting stuff you clicked on for .... 'yeah, no you are not' I say as I wander away frustrated. Then, next time I pop onto You Tube every video is about that same topic, with every video 98% full of some (usually bearded chubby guy) talking head talking.

William Shatner, I feel like I am a lot like him, not bad looking when I was younger (Star Trek) but these days I have filled out and that seems to hide the once good looks (Boston Legal).

Sigh. At least my kids still like me.

gwdMaine said...

Worf's "I an not a Merry Man" remains my
all time favorite, but I do need to look
up that DS9 Trials and Tribulations episode.