Monday, September 13, 2021

Falling Cat Steals the Thunder at a College Football Game

The University of Miami played Appalachian State at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Saturday. The game was a postscript to the real drama, though, as a cat fell from the upper deck. The cat clung to the edifice for a while until all cameras were on him (reportedly peeing on the crowd below), giving the fans time to unfurl a flag. When the cat freed its claws and fell, his splat was softened by the improvised net. Let's see that from another angle.

Oh, dear. He did not appreciate the fans' efforts. Well, maybe he appreciated being caught, but certainly not the way they celebrated the save. The cat was wearing a collar, which leads us to wonder if someone really brought him to the game. Most stadium cats manage to wander in by themselves. We don't know what happened to the cat afterward, but the Miami Herald got to talk to the guy with the flag.  

In case you care, The Miami Hurricanes won that game 25-23.

Update: Here's a followup on the cat. (Thanks, Lis Riba!)


Lis Riba said...

The campus newspaper has further details on what happened with the cat post-catch.
Whereabouts are currently unknown, but an emergency vet tech managed to give it a quick check before it escaped.

Anonymous said...

Look at all those a-holes without masks.