Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Miss Cellania's Links

A Non-Comprehensive List of Birds That Piss Me Off. (via Bored Panda)

How Scientists Encoded The Wizard of Oz Into DNA. (via Neatorama)

Read how the 3,300-year-old stone temples of Abu Simbel were cut, moved, and reassembled at their new home. 

Coffee Kings of the Old West. (Thanks, WTM!)

Twitter Trends Are a Crime Against Me, the President, Tweets President.

How a Public Health Campaign in the Warsaw Ghetto Stemmed the Spread of Typhus.  

Who Are 'America's Frontline Doctors', the Pro-Trump, Pro-Hydroxychloroquine Weirdos Banned From Social Media?

Setting for Van Gogh's Final Painting Found. (via Damn Interesting)

10 (Mostly) Bloodless Horror Movies, for When You Wanna Be Scared, Not Unconscious.

A blast from the past (2011): 11 Fictional Family Trees.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

The Folgers story was interesting. Also loved those family trees!

Anonymous said...

Flockin' birds!

Anonymous said...

Stone Temples of Abu Simbel.
Great story. Only detail: if the Aswan Dam was to be built upstream, its lake would not have flooded the temple.

Did you mean downstream?

Miss Cellania said...

Anonymous -I had the same though when I read that! Of course, I didn't write it.