Tuesday, July 21, 2020

3D Printing a House

It turns out that yes, you can print a house. Watch as a computer-controlled printer on a huge (10 meter square) scaffold squirts concrete in a precise pattern to construct a two-story house in Antwerp, Belgium. 
Kamp C, the provincial Center for Sustainability and Innovation in Construction, printed the first house in Europe. This is the first printed two story building worldwide. The house has a floor surface of ninety square meters and was printed with the largest 3D concrete printer in Europe.
The printer only did the basic structure, while craftsmen installed windows and did the finishing work. This house is a prototype, but some day, they might take this show on the road. (via Geekologie)

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newton said...

It wasn't computer controlled but Thomas Edison created a company to basically print concrete houses, and furniture too!:

The company didn't succeed, but his cement company stayed in business for a while and built Yankee Stadium.