Wednesday, February 20, 2019

When the Mountain Fell Down

If you didn't know what was happening, you might get the feeling that the road you're on is just rising up! You get the idea that they had some warning, what with the camera and the roadblock and all. This happened in Nara Prefecture, Japan. Redditor notbueno explains.
It’s called a translational landslide, which is a slope failure where a block of land stays mostly intact and moves downslope along a slip plane. This one (in Nara Prefecture, Japan, 2004) resulted in the partial blockage of a river and a road being destroyed along a short section.
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gwdMaine said...

Rt 168 in Nara Prefecture. You can see the impact on
Google Maps, descend to street view and take a scenic tour. . .

Google Maps - Rt 168    

Anonymous said...

For more of this, check out Dave Petley. I follow him on twitter, he's always informative. @ davepetley. The twitter account links to his blog.