Wednesday, February 27, 2019


You might have plenty of loyal followers, or even fans, but that doesn't sell t-shirts. I don't think anyone has ever purchased a Miss Cellania t-shirt, but that's okay, because the NeatoShop is a print-on-demand business that can keep an unlimited number of designs available. Maybe I should tell my mother about it. This is the latest comic from Chris at Lunarbaboon. Lunarbaboon has a store, but it has books and prints, no t-shirts.


Bicycle Bill said...

Have you tried selling Miss Cellania T-shirts, especially since you've got that new profile pic?

Miss Cellania said...

Yeah, that's why I mentioned it. And there's a picture in the right sidebar. I don't like the limited colors, though. I got one, and dyed it purple. That was a long time ago; it's more pink now.