Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Six-Year-Old Spends $1,000 on the Best Day Ever

Huck is pretty good at counting by twenties, for a 6-year-old. Still, he has some innocent ideas of what to do with a thousand dollars. He has to spend it in one day, so he hires a limousine the very first thing. After a trip to the toy store, he runs out of ideas, but the guys from Yes Theory give him some ideas. Then he remembers the candy store! You'll love the way this video ends. (via reddit)


Jim Murrey said...

I can't even watch that. What a waste of money. $1,000 right now could help my family from losing our house right now.

hearsetrax said...

I admit this was a hard clip to watch 4 me as well jejeje

one day this clip will come back to haunt him, but it was nice to see he wasn't 100% selfish