Friday, June 22, 2018


Go ahead and watch this without thinking about it being a campaign ad. MJ Hegar is a badass even without running for Congress in Texas' 31st district. If you can't vote in Texas, you can still donate to her campaign. Hegar's autobiography is called Shoot Like a Girl, eventually to be a movie.  (via Metafilter)


Unknown said...

I hope she is more her own person than my Representative, the first female to command an active combat fighter squadron, Martha McSally. I worked and voted for her through two campaigns only to find out that she is straight Trump Toady. See her record here:
Ken D

Anonymous said...

You voted for, and worked to elect a Republican?

No. You don't get to complain. All we want is your apology.

You don't get to vote for a Republican, and then complain that they are acting like a Republican.

When you vote for a modern-day Republican, you are voting for a bad person. Shame on you.

Fester said...

Ken D.
Now you know who not to vote for next time.
Consider it a life lesson.

Unknown said...

She was a heckuva rabble-rouser in the military. Refused to wear Islamic dress in Saudi, flew combat missions, etc. I thought she would be a breath of fresh air in DC.
My first presidential vote: AUH2O64. Barry Goldwater.