Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Miss Cellania's Links

The Hiker's Guide to Trail Etiquette. Respect your fellow outdoor enthusiasts.

How the Secret of Saving Private Ryan’s Power Lies in its Portrayal of the Enemy. Putting the viewer in place of a U.S. soldier meant making Germans into inhuman caricatures.

How Medicare for all could save the American health-care system.

How to tell if a baby is Canadian

The Tragic Roots of America’s Favorite Cherry. The Bing cherry was named for a 6-foot Chinese horticulturist named Ah Bing.

How a Behavioral Scientist Influenced City Design All Over the World. For too long, city design centered on buildings and roads, instead of the people who live and work there. (via Metafilter)

A History of Modern Capitalism from the Perspective of the Straw. Designed for sanitary use, they've become a sanitation problem. (via Kottke)

An Ode to the Ladies Pant Suit of Zanzibar. See a collection of images of the Swahili women's fashions of yore.

Chef Ben Churchill Specializes in Food that Looks Like Other Things. He can serve you a dessert that resembles cleaning supplies, potted plants, or a full ashtray.

Political Links

Generations from now will mark this week as the moment Americans realized we were losing our country as we have known it.

Buyers tied to Russia, former Soviet republics paid $109 million cash for Trump properties. (via reddit)

A Physician in South Texas on an Unnerving Encounter with an Eight-Year-Old Boy in Immigration Detention.

The Absurdity of Trump Officials Eating at Mexican Restaurants During an Immigration Crisis.

And Finally

A blast from the past (2016): 4 Legendary Plant-Animal Hybrids.


gwdMaine said...

I really enjoy Den of Geek, but I'm thinking they should
stick with pop culture rather than venture into historical
analysis and commentary. Reading the Saving Private Ryan
article made me wonder at times just what point the author
was trying make. I think he actually wondered the same
thing; I'm not sure.

Throughout the film, Spielberg strives to place his audience
into the boots of an American GI during the 1944 Battle for
Normandy, [this was intentional] resulting in a fiercely one-
sided perspective on the conflict [this was also intentional].

Two comments:

The films Saving Private Ryan is compared to (all great and
which I've seen many times), did something Ryan did not:
They glorified war and made it look honorable. They may have
been an accurate overview of an 'event.' But they were neither
objective nor accurate about the horror and carnage of war.
Nor did they "demonstrate how easily war may rob ordinary
people of their compassion for their fellow man."

This film was not "an intentionally biased portrayal of the
Second World War." It was true.

DJ Psychomike said...

Pelosi says she had no idea the party was pushing hate and exclusion.
It has been going on 15 months. It is time to shut down Hillary's Resistance, and to begin arresting Antifa.
I chatted with one person on FB who began with the holier than Repubs talk, but a funny thing happened as we continued. Not only did he want to split the Democratic Party (he thinks Biden is "no better than Trump" for wanting Trump supporters to change their vote), not only did he support violence against Repubs, but he revealed he actually didn't care if Democrats won or not. He supports the violence. Then the incredible punchline. He works for a not for profit, and gets government grant money for his salary. 15 Months of the Resistance has brought in people who are not going to vote, but can't wait to beat up their first Trump supporter. Reject workers and the middle class, you are left with the lumpens.

The Hillary "Resistance" and Hollywood leaders must be told to sit down, shut up or get out. After 15 months all they have done is unite what was a divided Repub party.

Nancy Pelosi turns on Maxine Waters, criticizes her “unacceptable” anti-Trump rhetoric

Miss Cellania said...

The problem with the left is that you can't get them organized. They're a bunch of educated free thinkers who consider things like right and wrong, justice, and the greater good, instead of lining up behind their leaders. It's like herding cats.

gwdMaine said...

Hmmmm... What leaders? The fractures that have rent the
Republicans are upon the Democrats. It was only a matter
of time.

My favorite comment from the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
article on Digg:

"When the Crowley campaign began to realize they maybe
didn’t have this in the bag, they tried to connect, but I
don’t think they know how to. A lot of the ossified
Democratic machine simply has no idea how to connect with
those struggling to deal with the fear their family members
might get black bagged on the way home."

Such a polite term "ossified." I believe most republicans
would use the term "Liberal Elite" in its place.

Whatever. This is just a necessary evil that will need to
work itself out before we can get back to true cooperation
and partisanship between the two parties.

I do know one thing: Both sides need to stop paying so much
attention to the Tweeter. Especially your side Miss C., else
something really bad is going to happen at the next
Presidential election. . .