Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The Gaelic "Africa"

Toto's biggest and most long-lived song gets the Irish treatment. (via Metafilter)


Anonymous said...

Nice catch. Thank-you

- Edward

SnowMan said...

Yes, enjoyable. And timely, too. A coworker originally from rural Ireland is headed back for a visit in a couple days, so maybe she can use this to brush up on her Gaelic. I had asked her about the Gaelic lyrics to Newgrange just today.


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

That arrangement/performance would have been awesome in ANY language.  Gotta love the way the song started — a gentle rain turning into a full thunderstorm.

And the talent of the group that performed this — as well as the amount of rehearsal time and other effort that had to go into creating this video — cannot be overlooked either.  Like Butch kept asking Sundance, "Who ARE those guys?"