Friday, April 28, 2017

Miss Cellania's Links

The Day Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis Teamed Up. Eddie Deezen has the story.

It's been twenty years since Mike Myers introduced us to Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery. Myers, director Jay Roach, Elizabeth Hurley, and almost all the cast got together to give us an oral history of the film. (via the A.V. Club)

We spent months bracing and preparing for the death of our daughter. But guess what? We weren’t ready. Royce and Keri Young made the decision to carry their anencephalic baby to term in order to donate her organs. (via Metafilter)

A woman tried to text her daughter, but she dialed a wrong number and instead the message went to a 35-year-old man. That's normal enough, but when he told her she had the wrong number, she did not believe him, and kept texting pretty much all day long. 

What Bullets Do to Bodies. The gun debate would change in an instant if Americans witnessed the horrors that trauma surgeons confront every day.

How ESPN went from powerhouse to bloodbath. Around 100 on-air employees were laid off Wednesday.

8 Fictional Places (That Sound Real). You know them, even though they aren't there at all.

The Rise of the Mean Moms. Competitive motherhood leads to outright bullying.

Artificial Intelligence Becomes Judgmental. (via Metafilter)

Flexible working is making us work longer. I can attest to this. 


gwdMaine said...

Hi Miss C. Happy Friday!

And the Lord said unto John, "Come forth
and you will receive eternal life."

But John came fifth, and won a toaster.

Miss Cellania said...

Happy Friday, gwdMaine!