Saturday, April 29, 2017

If Credit Card Commercials Were Honest

Roger Horton is back with another Honest Ad from Cracked. The truth about credit cards is that they work well if you use them perfectly. But the reddit companies make bank on the fact that people do not use them optimally. Human nature doesn't work that way. Sure, if you have the discipline to never use a credit card for something you wouldn't buy anyway, you'll be okay and rack up a good credit score. And then you'll have credit for emergencies. But it's so easy to get yourself into a debt spiral otherwise. And no one is perfect. Are there really credit cards that charge 24% interest? I thought mine was usurious at $17%, since my mortgage is 2.5%.  


Global said...

The key is to use credit cards wisely, always read the notices to check the rates being charged and try to pay off the balances in 30 days - this qualifies for rewards without paying interest.

CGHill said...

Worst one I've seen lately has been about 27.9%.

Mine's not a great deal better, but I've never left a balance on it, so I fear no finance charge.