Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Miss Cellania's Links

A Sweeping Success. The diverse talents of Professor Roy Glauber.

The Funniest Tweets About Monday Night’s Presidential Debate.

Why No One Calls Me Fat Anymore. Spoiler: because he’s a transman, and men don’t get fat-shamed like women do.

What Is Shakespeare’s Most Popular Play? You might be surprised. 

President Obama Met Leonardo DiCaprio And It Turned Into A Meme.

A Health Benefit of Riding Roller Coasters. (Thanks, John Farrier!) 

The 15 Worst Episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series. Even when they were train wrecks, we couldn’t stop watching.

This is Banned Books Week. This year, LGBTQ and Other “Diverse” Books Lead the Banned Books List.

18 Tweets about physics that will make you laugh. There’s a little astronomy and chemistry in there, too.

The average American woman is now a size 16. Here’s what that really means. It’s just a number. 


Lilylou said...

I didn't read the old Batman comics as a kid, so I don't know if Batman struck Robin in the face very often, but now I'm bothered by that particular panel of the old strip, probably because of its clear abusiveness. Do you know whether that was a common feature of the older version of Batman? Just wondering.

Miss Cellania said...

Back then, it was common in comics and everywhere else. Our entire concept of "abuse" is fairly new.

Lilylou said...

Yes, you're right about that. Interesting. Thanks for getting back.