Wednesday, September 28, 2016

CCTV is Watching You

CCTV cameras are watching you. If you do something wrong, they will catch you, and it’s too late to hide your identity once the deed is done. This pickpocket realized he was on camera, pondered his options, and had to quickly change his plans. Sweet!

Rasheed Parakkal produced and starred in this short film called New God that was used for a TV ad promoting security cameras in Kerala, India. People shared an edit of the video with no indication that it was intentionally-produced, and Parakkal received plenty of grief when people assumed he was a real thief caught on camera.
“By using a CCTV angle to shoot the movie, we were trying to make it in all truthfulness and as close to reality. Little did I know that it will get picked up in this way,” he said. And Parakkal doesn’t know whether to be happy or sad about it. On one hand, he’s happy people thought it was an actual CCTV grab, because that would mean his acting and the whole set-up seemed original. “But I am obviously disappointed because it was my original work that someone tampered with for his short-term amusement,” he said over the phone from Wadakanchery.
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