Saturday, August 27, 2016

Why You Shouldn’t Drive Slowly in the Left Lane

Note: this video is only aimed at drivers in countries where you drive on the right. When you drive down an interstate highway, you constantly see signs that say “slower traffic keep right” or “left lane for passing only.” There’s a reason for this. The narrator of this video apparently had never heard of the rule, which says something about his driving instructor, and tells us that he does not read signs.

Nevertheless, there will be people who prefer to use the left lane of a four-lane road because the pavement is better. Or they are afraid that the right lane will end. Or they are going the speed limit, and no one should go faster than that. None of those reasons are good for the flow of traffic. Feel free to send this video to someone who needs it. The next lesson: turn signals.  (via reddit)

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Barbwire said...

We drive in all lanes here in Southern California. Most of the more traveled streets have three lanes. For some reason, there is almost always at least one car going much slower than the speed limit in the left lane. It drives me crazy. I've tried driving in the far right lane lately, which is avoided by most people because it's supposed to be the slow lane. For some reason, it's often faster than the left lane. I do not understand this!