Thursday, August 25, 2016

Miss Cellania's Links

Graphing Calculator: A Game Boy For Math. How Texas Instruments made programmers out of adolescents.

KFC’s secret recipe might not be so secret anymore. Try the 11 herbs and spices yourself and give it a taste test.  

7 things campuses have done instead of teaching people not to rape. No one’s mindset will change by banning alcohol, cell phones, and energy drinks.

Meet the new young Hollywood — 30 stars under 30 whose careers are blowing up. “Blowing up” as in inflating, not self-destructing. 

Is Angela Corey the Cruelest Prosecutor in America?  (via Metafilter

The British Olympic team traveled together on a chartered flight and were all given luggage for the trip. The same red luggage. It took about two hours for everyone to find their bags. (via reddit)

The 50 Most Segregating School Borders In America.

10 Incredible Homes Made from Mud.

Since 2008, the cost for a package of two EpiPens has gone from $95 to $608, a price jump of more than 450%. Meanwhile, the salary for the CEO of the company that makes them (although they did not develop them) went up 671%.


Barbwire said...

It's shocking to see Northern cities among the Top 10 Most Segregated schools.

Unknown said...

I would have thought that the mud house entry might have given some mention of the USA southwest staple building material,- ADOBE. Still being used today (it's muy expensive) it's just about ideal for the climate.

Miss Cellania said...

I thought so, too, Ken.