Monday, June 20, 2016


You go, girl! (via reddit)

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Anonymous said...

I’ve said it before and I will KEEP saying it. The accurate, SCIENTIFIC WORD IS REMISSION, which translated into the vernacular means: "We think we got it, but this thing's tricky, so we're gonna watch it." A survivor is when you jump from a sinking ship and swim to shore. It is a one time event.

I do believe, however, that identifying oneself as a survivor is a powerful and positive thing, and anyone who wants to do so, go forth and be blessed and healthy.

But my argument is that when you change the label of something you change the meaning, and if I am going to review a medical document I want the accurate nomenclature, not one that’s personal, or hopeful or empowering. I want the SCIENCE. I want the numbers, I want the FACTS.

And stop with the NED stuff, just stop it. No Evidence of Disease when you are not tested for disease is the same as walking blindfolded into a room and declaring “No evidence of wallpaper. Stop it. It ain’t SCIENCE.