Monday, June 27, 2016

Miss Cellania's Links

A Stormy History of Weather Reporting.

The Great Trump Tax Mysteries: Is He Hiding Loopholes, Errors, or Something More Serious? He may as well release the documents; they couldn’t be any worse than what we imagine.

10 of the Strangest Looking Homes in All of Europe.

A Cautionary Tale of ‘Stem Cell Tourism.’ Jim Gass he figured the worst that could happen was that he didn’t get better. He was wrong. (via Metafilter)

The (Very Brief) Republic of Rose Island.

Some rich kids shared the moment that they found out everyone else’s lives are not like theirs. You can sift through the entire thread at reddit or see the highlights at Pref. (via Team Takei)

The 12 Best Civil War Movies. Or, to be honest, all the Civil War movies ranked, until Free State of Jones joins them.

Here Is How To Plan The Ultimate 4th Of July Party. If you’ve got food and drinks, the rest is just window dressing.

When the Mainstream Media Interviews Musicians, Hilarity Ensues. See nine examples of how wrong it can go.

The Texas Slave Who Conned Everyone As a Mexican Millionaire. And other impostors tried to take advantage of him.

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