Thursday, June 30, 2016

Miss Cellania's Links

The First Woman to Vote in American History. Eddie Deezen brings us the story.

To pay tribute to the classic American diner, Extra Crispy compiled a list, not of the 50 best diners ranked, but a great diner from each state in the Union.

The Humiliating Practice of Sex-Testing Female Athletes.

The Uncertain Future of Saving the Past. The people tasked with protecting objects that make up the backbone of our culture use a lot of trial and error along with their science.​

The 19 countries with the highest quality of life. The reason it goes to 19 is because that’s where the United States ranks.

How Old Is Your Body, Really? If all our cells are constantly being replaced, what part of us stays the same?

America's First "Climate Refugees.” Between rising sea levels, delta engineering, and environmental damage by oil companies, Louisiana is losing dry land at an alarming rate.

The science of a successful first date. Figure out what you need to know before you try to size someone up.

Fourth of July Fireworks. They’ve got a history much older than the United States.

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