Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Miss Cellania's Links

10 Surprisingly Dangerous Animals. They’re cute alright, but keep your distance.

Meet the teacher who is more or less responsible for Hamilton. He suggested a topic for a teenaged Lin-Manuel Miranda, and the rest is history. Literally.

The Weird and Very Long History of State Liquor Laws.

American society increasingly mistakes intelligence for human worth. Half of us are below average, but that half deserves jobs and decent lives, too.

1919 Thrill Ride Sound Like Fun -and Death. (via the Presurfer)

15 Fun Facts About Trading Places.

Why Young Americans Are Giving Up on Capitalism.

The History of Rotating Restaurants. (via Digg)

The history of the world in memes, part I: Life begins. In which bacteria become internet stars.

A New Climate Change Phrase: “Heat Dome.” Arizona is finding out all about it now.

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