Thursday, December 31, 2015

Year-end Lists 2015: Best of Blogs

10 Most Liked Instagram Pics of 2015

Neatorama's Top 20 Posts of 2015.

Imgur’s Best 15 Posts of 2015.

The Year in Digg.

Fark's 2015 Headline of the Year contest. Business headlines. Politics headlines. Entertainment headlines. Geek headlines. Sports headlines. Puns and Wordplay headlines.

Boing Boing's top posts of 2015.

FiveThirtyEight’s 47 Weirdest Charts From 2015. 

Smithsonian’s Top Ten Stories of 2015.

The Verge's best longform stories from 2015.

The 10 best Chive Podcasts of the year.

The Best UPROXX TV And Film Pieces Of 2015.

The Top Ten Most Popular Make: Posts for 2015.

FailArmy Best Fails of the Year, Part One and Part Two. NSFW language.

The Top 25 Cracked Articles Of 2015.

9 Jaw-Dropping Investigations Buzzfeed Published In 2015.

The Best BuzzFeed Comics Of 2015.

the best of The A.V. Club, part one and part two

The Toast’s Favorite Freelance Pieces of 2015.

Pie Comic’s Best Posts of 2015.

Google’s Year in Search 2015

This past year has sure been eventful! The US Supreme Court ruled on marriage equality, Syrian refugees streamed across Europe, everyone and his brother decided to run for president, and we couldn’t agree what color that dress was. The video is inspirational, but the actual top searches are cringeworthy.
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