Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Mixing Bleach and Coca-Cola

The Crazy Russian Hacker shows us the power of bleach by putting some into a glass of Coke. This is the kind of experiment you have to stay with constantly, especially that part about “waiting a few minutes,” especially if you don’t live alone. Remember “Safety is nubern purty.”

When I first watched the video, all I could think of was “Why doesn’t bleach work that well in my laundry?” Because in the laundry, the bleach is diluted with water. If you use bleach on fabric without diluting it with water, your fabric can easily fall apart. Bleach is nothing to fool around with.(via Viral Viral Videos)

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Don said...

our local water treatment plant uses liquid chlorine (bleach) instead of gaseous chlorine to disinfect the water. It is safer to handle that way.

They also make the liquid chlorine by dissolving salt and extracting the sodium. Salt is super cheap to buy and not a hazard to keep in storage. They only have enough bleach on hand to treat the water currently being treated.

Pretty cool if you ask me.